Solo Piano Commissioning Consortium

[TITLE (The Ill-Tempered Pianist?)]

a new collection of pieces for solo piano

by J. David Moore

after the model of The Well-Tempered Clavier


2022 marks the 300th anniversary of the publication of the first volume of J.S. Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier, in celebration of which I am composing a new volume of short solo piano works. In the model of the original, this new work will be a volume of 24 brief pieces centered around each of the twelve chromatic pitches in succession, in pairs of differing modes.

Each piece in the volume will have a distinct character, suggested by the corresponding piece in the WTC. The relationship between the new pieces and its models will vary: forms, character, or compositional techniques may clearly relate or respond to Bach’s, or the connection may exist only in the mind of the composer.

Sample: Prelude no. 1 in C Major

The technical demands of the pieces will also vary, but will generally be at an intermediate level. The original edition of the WTC had this description on its cover: “For the Use and Profit of the Musical Youth Desirous of Learning as well as for the Pastime of those Already Skilled in this Study.” Such will also be the intent of this new work.

Performance of pieces from this volume may be done in any order or combination; pianists may perform just one piece, multiple pieces, or every piece, depending on the needs and demands of their program. The original Bach preludes may also be included in the same performance, either sequentially as a whole, or with old and new preludes in corresponding keys played in pairs.

Solo Piano Commissioning Consortium 1



  1. Commissioners may request a specific key, character, or technique for their commissioned piece. They may also choose to dedicate the piece to someone other than themselves.
  2. In addition to receiving acknowledgement as a commissioner, consortium members will receive rights to the premiere and first recording of the pieces they commission.
  3. Consortium members will receive updates and may also send feedback and commentary during the composition process.
  4. BONUS! – For an additional $50, commissioners will receive a frameable signed manuscript copy of the first page of their piece.


# of pieces commissioned cost per piece
1–3 $125
4–6 $110
7 or more $100

C Major NA
C Minor Walter Moore  
D-flat Major Jenny Ubl
C-sharp Minor Walter Moore
D Major Ward & Cathleen Godsall
D Minor Ward & Cathleen Godsall  
E-flat Major Ann DuHamel
E-flat Minor    
E Major Ann DuHamel  
E Minor APPI
F Major [anonymous]  
F Minor Linda Kachelmeier  
F# Major Timothy Lovelace  
F# Minor Walter Moore  
G Major Justin & Denise Cole
G Minor Chris Moore-Keish
A-flat Major Walter Moore  
A-flat Minor    
A Major Jennifer Anderson
A Minor Michelle Gehrz
B-flat Major Michelle Gehrz
B-flat Minor    
B Major Sue Ruby  
B Minor Timothy Lovelace

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