Mm, Mm!


2-pt treble choir
Published by Fresh Ayre Music
Commissioned by Joyful Noise Choir, Philadelphia

This song was written for Joyful Noise, a Philadelphia-based chorus of adults with physical or neurological challenges or acquired brain injuries. The group fosters an atmosphere of community, acceptance, and teamwork in which members can discover their voices and express themselves through music. Since 2002, they have commissioned or been gifted with thirteen pieces by nine different composers, including Alice Parker, Jon Washburn, and Steven Sametz.

When she asked me to write a piece for the chorus’s tenth anniversary, conductor Allison Fromm suggested the subject matter concern something that the singers loved. Most of the previous offerings had been about music and singing, so a song about food seemed the next obvious choice. The singers were polled about the things they most liked to eat, and I included as many of their suggestions as I could. The ones that got the most votes (ice cream, pizza, chicken) got their own verses, and most of the rest of the list I stuffed into a verse about pot luck. I did shine a spotlight on the Philly cheesesteak, in honor of the group’s hometown, underscored by an imitation of a 1970s Philadelphia soul band.

Joyful Noise succeeds best with simple and repetitive music and partner songs. This makes “Mmm, Mmm!” especially suitable for groups of younger or less experienced singers.

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Mm Mm!

1. I love ice cream, yes I do,
I love ice cream, how about you?
(Response: I love ice cream, yes I do,
I love ice cream, how about you?)
Mm mm, ice cream!
(Mm mm, ice cream!)
Chocoate and vanilla, it tastes so good,
Eat it for breakfast if I could.
Mm mm, ice cream!
(Mm mm, ice cream!)

2. I love pizza, yes I do,
I love pizza, how about you?
Mm mm, pizza! (Response)
Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, cheese,
Slice me another one, if you please!
Mm mm, pizza! (Response)

3. I love chicken, yes I do…

4. I love cheesesteak, yes I do…

5. I love pot luck, yes I do…


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