Words by the Angelica Cantanti Youth Choir
Music: J. David Moore
treble voices, piano
Published by Fresh Ayre Music

I wrote this song with the Youth Choir of Angelica Cantanti from Bloomington, Minnesota in the fall of 2020. The words and sentiments are all theirs.

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1. Not being able to travel to see my relatives
Not being able to see my friends
All of the bad news that I hear about
Can’t hug my loved ones

2. It feels so weird spending all my time at home
I miss my school and my old routine
No sleepovers, holidays, vacation, and gatherings
I want this over soon!

My COVID year,
My COVID year,
It’s scary and overwhelming in
My COVID year.

3. Spending time with my dad while he works at home
Spending time with my family
Playing with my friends outside on the trampoline
Bike rides and Minecraft!

My COVID year,
My COVID year,
I’m grateful my family is healthy in
My COVID year.

Wash your hands
Wear a mask
Don’t touch your face and eyes
Keep at least
Six feet apart
Stay home and sanitize

4. Someday soon, this will all be a memory
But life after quarantine will feel so strange
People won’t know how to trust what is safe again
But just imagine…

5. I just can’t wait for the crowds ‘round the ice cream truck
I can’t wait just to go to the mall
Stand with my friends on a stage two feet apart
Singing: May You Always Have a Song,
Jubilate Deo, There Is Peace,
Imagine, Castle In the Clouds

My COVID year,
My COVID year,
We’ll sing again at the end of
My COVID year.

My COVID year,
My COVID year,
Our voices will blend at the end of
My COVID year.


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