May God Bless You and Guard You


SATB, T solo, organ
Text: Numbers 6:24–26
Published by Fresh Ayre Music

This is a bi-lingual setting of a benedictory passage from the Book of Numbers which is equally familiar to Jewish and Christian congregations. The cantor sings in Hebrew the verse that the choir has just sung in English. The style of the soloist is directly inspired by recordings of early 20th-century Jewish cantors whose virtuosity, brilliance of tone, and passionate expression impressed me so deeply during the writing of the piece. The cantor’s phrases are freely chanted; the choral phrases follow evenly the tempo set by the organ.

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May God bless you and guard you,
May God show you favor and be gracious to you,
May God show you kindness
And grant you peace.

Y’varech’cha Adonai v’yish m’recha
Yaer Adonai panav eilecha vichuneka
Isa Adonai panav eilecha
v’yaseim l’cha shalom.  


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