The Glory of the Heavens


Words from an ancient mystical hymn
SATB, A solo, organ
Published by Fresh Ayre Music

LOOKING FOR A PREMIERE! A celebratory anthem in praise of creation, on an ancient Jewish mystical hymn with fragments from Genesis and Psalm 98. The colorful, rhythmic organ part portrays the breadth and fullness of created forms in heaven and on earth, while the choir raises the song of praise and thanksgiving to its creator.

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And God saw everything that he had done, and behold, it was very good.
~ Genesis 1:31

The earth is full of your goodness;
your greatness and your understanding,
Your wisdom and harmony.
How wonderful are the lights that you created.
You formed them with grace and power
and they shine very wonderfully on the world,
magnificent in their splendour.
They arise in radiance and go down in joy.
Reverently they fulfill your divine will.
They are tributes to your name
as they exalt your soverign rule in song.
~ Jewish mystical hymn

Let the rivers clap their hands, and the mountains sing for joy
– Psalm 98:8


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