Annua Gaudia


Text: 12th-century Spanish
SATB, B solo
Published by Hinshaw Music

Written for The Rose Ensemble of St. Paul, this is a setting of a medieval Spanish pilgrim’s hymn to St. James. A sturdy marching tune with a memorable refrain.

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1. Annua gaudia,
Iacobe, debita
sunt tibi danda.
Fitting sounds of joy,
Oh James,
must be raised to you yearly.

Refrain: Organa dulcia
sunt resonanda.
Sweet sounds of music
fit for your feast
must sound out.

2. Et tua celica
facta perhennia
sunt reseranda.

These good
and holy doctrines so fine
must be followed.


3. Hec quoque splendida
secla per omnia
sunt memoranda.

And your heavenly deeds
must ever
be revealed.


4. Tam pia, tam bona,
tam rata dogmata
sunt imitanda

And these splendors
must be remembered
throughout the ages.


5. Hec sacra commoda,
florida, fulgida
sunt adamanda.

These sacred precepts,
blossoming, gleaming,
should be adored.



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