Vzyaw bi ya Banduru


Text: trad. Ukrainian
SATB (div) a cappella
Published by Hinshaw Music

I wrote this arrangement as a hostess gift for the country of Ukraine, where I travelled with an a cappella group as a cultural delegate in 1991. We sang it at around 10:00 p.m. on the day we arrived, after having travelled for about 24 hours. As soon as we began to sing we heard, through the mists of our fatigue, that the audience was singing along with us. It is a moment of musical connection that has never left me.

The bandura, to which the song refers, is the country’s national instrument, a cross between a lute and a harp with between 20 and 65 strings.

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Vzyaw by ya banduru, nastroyiv, zahraw,
Shchoby holos pisni do nebes lunaw.

Nyvamy, lisamy ponad luhiw cvit,
Hey letila b pisnya u dalekyi svit.

Lynula by pisnya, mriy moyich dytya,
Miz zneviru vnesla novyi klych zyttya.

Lynula by pisnya, hey toy cvit vyshen,
Solodka yak mriya, palka yak ohen.

A de b ne torknulas’ kraychykom krylec’,
Tam splyvala b radist’, do sumnych serdec’.

I would take a bandura, tune it and play
So that the voice of the song soars to the heavens.

Over the p[lains and forests and the fields of flowers,
hey, let our song fly into the far reaches of the world.

Our song would fly, the dream of my childhood,
And where there is mistrust would carry a new call of life.

Our song would fly, hey this beautiful cherry blossom,
Sweet as a dream, burning as the flame.

And where it would touch with the edges of its wings,
There joy would float into saddened hearts.


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