Change Of Heart


Music by Holly Near
Lyrics by Holly Near, Derek Nakamoto, and Jim Scott
SSAA, piano
Published by Yelton Rhodes Music
Commissioned by MUSE, Cincinnati’s Women’s Choir

Holly Near has been writing and singing about activism and social change for over 45 years. This song is about the inspiration that she draws from witnessing quiet acts of courage and grace.

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Something changes in me when I witness someone’s courage
They may not know I’m watching, I may not let them know that
Something changes in me that will last me for a life time
To fill me when I’m empty, and rock me when I’m low

Something changes in me anytime there’s someone singing
All the songs I’ve never forgotten, let out voices sing them strong
Something changes in me anytime there’s someone standing
For the right to be completely all the good things that we are

There’s a change of heart
Anytime there’s someone counting
All the lives that won’t be thrown away
There’s a change of heart
Anytime you join the choir, be a voice up on the mountain
Or see a fire… in the rain

Something changes in me when my arms are held wide open
Fear and hate are set aside and only love remains
Something changes in me and I feel a deep emotion
While the ones who offer help replace the ones that just complain

Do not forget the children, they are singers in the storm
And when their hearts are threatened, well a fire is bound to start
It wakes us up at midnight, we feel an ancient pain
And I do believe that loves directs the flame

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