Coffee Calling


Words by Mark Dietrich
SATTB or SSAAA a cappella
Published by Fresh Ayre Music

An original doo-wop, written as a promotion for Dunn Brothers Coffee Shops in the Twin Cities. Easily turned into a general paean to the loving cup with the substitution of a few words. My favorite line: “two hours work in ten seconds flat/Decaf drinkers can’t do that.”

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Some days I just stay in bed,
Pull the sheets over my head,
The shower seems so far away,
I’ll go to work some other day.

The boss calls, the shoe falls,

Now I’m sitting here at my PC,
I hear the voice of Destiny
Saying: “you look like hell, your morning’s shot,
Meet me at the coffee pot.”

You are mine, now it’s time,
This is your coffee calling
Come with me, and I’ll see you
Through another appalling day.

Two hours work in ten seconds flat,
Decaf drinkers can’t do that
Five o’ clock now before I know,
Maybe one more before I go.

The sweet sound of fresh ground

So, now, when you feel like the liv-ing dead,
Come on in and feed your head,
Our Meg’ll pour you the perfect cup,
And the coffee gods will raise you up.


~Mark Dietrich


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