Peace Is


Words by Fred Small
SATB or SSAA, piano
Published by Fresh Ayre Music

Fred Small’s stirring song for building the strength it will take to work for a peaceful world.

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Peace is the bread we break
Love is the river rolling
Life is a chance we take
When we make this earth our home
Gonna make this earth our home.

1. Feel the cool breeze blowing through the smoke and the heat
Hear the gentle voices and the marching feet
Singing call back the fire, draw the missiles down
And we’ll call this earth our home.


2. We have known the atom, the power and pain
We’ve seen people fall beneath the killing rain
If the mind still reasons and the soul remains
It shall never be again.


3. Peace grows from a tiny seed
As the acorn grows into the tallest tree
Many years ago I heard a soldier say
When people want peace, better get out of the way.


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