The One and Only Day


Words by Tom Hennen
SSAA a cappella
Published by Fresh Ayre Music

This is a setting for women’s voices of another poem by Tom Hennen (the other being “In the Sky of Winter”). This is a meditation on the sensation of the present moment: “There has only ever been one day, and it happens over and over.” The music is madrigalian: imitative, conversational, and full of text painting – a tribute to my love and years of singing Renaissance polyphony.

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There has only ever been one day, and it
happens over and over. No one knows
where it came from, it slides through time
like the prow of a ship through sleeping
water. It bumps against the shore of daylight
each morning and sets sail alone in the dark
at night, sometimes under the awful glitter
of stars, sometimes into a thickly falling rain
that sends the animals back to their dens
and causes the woods to drip and become
the color of owls.

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Mixed, Women