A Drink For Each Song


Text: anon. English
TTBB, B solo
Published by Fresh Ayre Music

This is new music to old words: an anonymous English drinking song lyric discovered in an online traditional music resource. I don’t know the author, the original tune, nor who has performed it, so my version was created in nearly complete historical ignorance. The treatment, however, is intended to sound late 18th century British, after the model of “Vive L’Amour.” The rowdier, the better.

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1. Come all you jolly fellows and join in a song
(Let thunderous harmony sound!)
For if man can still sing, then the world’s not so wrong
(And the rafters will ring in a round!)
But a man cannot sing if he’s troubled at heart
(As melodies over you steal!)
So bring us a drink and we’ll each sing our part!
(And our voices with clarity peal!)

So, bring us more ale here, and without fail here
We’ll go on singing till each song is sung
Pass ’round the jug now, fill up our mug now,
We shall not stop now that we have begun.
And if you have a song, sir, as we go along, sir,
You’re next to sing, though you’re never to think
We’d let you sing dry, sir, that’s a foul lie, sir,
A drink for each song and a song for each drink.


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