A Little Book of Rounds


Words from various authors and sources
Flexible voicing
Published by Fresh Ayre Music

“A Little Book of Rounds” is a bouquet of twelve canons to sing and share with family and friends of all singing abilities. Soulful, silly, meditative, boisterous, spooky, and poetic – use as after-dinner entertainment, personal prayers, and/or concert miniatures. Each round is also available separately.

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A NEW YEAR’S TOAST (trad. Irish)
In the new year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, and never in want.

Well, git you a plate of Hoppin’ John (that’s black eyed peas and rice, son)
Git you a biscuit from the basket, cole slaw, I made a ton,
Collard greens for foldin’ money, cheese grits for sunny days, and save some room for banana pudding…
(wait, there’s still grits in the pot)

[A collection of various status updates by friends of the composer on Christmas Eve, 2011]

I LIKE YOU (Sandol Stoddard Warburg)
I like you because you are a good person to like.
On the Fourth of July, I like you because it’s the Fourth of July.
On the Fifth of July I like you, too.
Even if it was the nine hundred and niney-ninth of July,
Even if it was August,
Even if it was way down at the bottom of November,
Even if it was no place particular in January,
I would keep on choosing you,
You would keep on choosing me
Over and over and over again.
I like you
because because
I like you.

BARUCH ATA ADONAI (trad. Hebrew)
Baruch ata Adonai haporeis sukkat shalom aleinu
V’al kol yoshvei teveil v’al Yerushalayim.

Praise to you, O Lord, who draws the shelter of peace around us,
And over all the earth, and over Jerusalem.

The ancient Mayans were wise and mysterious.
In Twenty-Twelve, they either said that the world would end
Or that we should get a new calendar.

HAIKU (Rolf Nelson)
(One two three four five)
Haikus are easy
(One two three four five six seven)
But sometimes they don’t make sense
(One two three four five)

MAKE ME ONE (Wendell Berry)
At night, make me one with the darkness,
in the morning, make me one with the light.

KNOCK (Fredric Brown)
The last man on earth sat alone in a room.
There was a knock on the door.

WHEN I RISE UP (Wendell Berry)
When I rise up
let me rise up joyful
like a bird
When I fall
let me fall without regret
like a leaf.

ALL SHALL BE WELL (Julian of Norwich)
All shall be well
And all shall be well
And all manner of thing shall be well.

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