Seinn O


traditional Scottish words
SATB or TTBB a cappella
Published by Fresh Ayre Music

“Seinn O” comes from the Gaelic tradition of “mouth music,” a style of vocal music intended to accompany dancing. The most popular legend of the origins of Scottish mouth music (port a beul) suggests that it was born when the British banned the bagpipes after the Jacobite uprising in 1745. Nonsense lyrics were applied to the old pipe tunes so that the precious melodies wouldn’t be lost. Whatever the truth of the matter, mouth music appears in many varied forms and under many names in every Gaelic culture in the world, from Ireland to Cape Breton to Appalachia.

Like most mouth music, the lyrics are light, flirtatious, and improvisatory, with a healthy amount of nonsense. The speed of the music, the call-and-response structure, and the inconsequential nature of the lyrics makes the song seem like a party game or a bar bet to see who can trip up the tongues of their opponents.

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1. Thig am fidhleir a-nochd
Gheibh na hìonagan port
Thig am fidhleir a-nochd
A-nochd a thig am fidhleir

Seinn o churadail o
Seinn seinn churadail o
Seinn o churadail o
Seinn churadail ho ro

2. Tha na maoir ‘ga mo shireadh
tha na saoir ‘ga mo shireadh
tha na maoir ‘ga mo shireadh
cha ghabh mi ach tàillear


3. Théid mi null air an abhuinn
thig mi nall air an abhuinn
théid mi null air an abhuinn
‘Choimhead air an tàillear


The fiddler is coming tonight
The girls will get a tune
The fiddler is coming tonight
Tonight, the fiddler is coming

The bailiffs are after me
The joiners are after me
The bailiffs are after me
I won’t have anyone but the tailor

I will go across the river
I will come back across the river
I will go across the river
Visiting the tailor

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